Phlegm and phlegm – the same thing?
Most of the time you get dust on the back of your nose or into your lungs. This is due to difficulty breathing. Mucus, on the other hand, is often found in the nasal mucosa. It acts as a filter to protect the lungs while breathing. To remove it, just blow your nose. However, the dust in the nose is thick and sticky. It usually appears when a person coughs. Excess of this secretion can be a sign of a respiratory disease such as bronchitis.

How is mucus formed?
Our body produces mucus and dust to stay healthy. It is a protective coating that adheres to and forms in the throat, sinuses and lungs. These chemicals protect the body’s cells and help capture irritants and germs. However, when bacteria or viruses overwhelm the immune system, more dust is created. For most people, excess mucus and dust will go away without any problems. Sometimes, however, the bronchi fill up with mucus, causing lung congestion. These conditions include bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. However, when you cough, your body needs to get rid of these substances.

In living conditions, mucus acts as a natural filter for bacteria. Your lungs are full of bacteria and viruses. Since the lungs are organs, the oxygen you inhale goes directly to your lungs. Learn more about lung repair.

How to remove mucus from the lungs
Although it is unpleasant, the mucus is safe to swallow. Because your body can make it better. However, dust must be removed from the body. Healthcare Professional Advice – Cough. Because there will be bacteria and viruses. When you cough, your body gets rid of it on its own. Effective cough suppressants are also available, such as the Shaker Mucus Clearing Device from POWERbreathe.

Can dust cause a cough?
The release at night will be more difficult. It’s about seriousness. This release will hit your chest. It causes coughing. You can reduce it by increasing your sleep. Just lie down next to the pillow. Basically, coughing is your body’s way of clearing your mouth. It will serve you better.

When should you see a doctor?
The National Institutes of Health recommends immediate medical attention if you cough up blood. They also recommend seeing your GP if:

You have had a cough for more than 3 weeks (chronic cough).
You’re laughing too hard
Your chest hurts
You will lose weight for no reason
Swelling and pain on the side of the neck (enlarged lymph nodes).
Very hard breathing
Your immune system is weakened due to diabetes or chemotherapy
Powder breakdown with or without drugs
A thin bronchial secretion can be expected. It’s supposed to soothe a cough. But pharmaceutical products are drugs. But Powerbreath Shaker is a drug-free solution.

Natural remedies for pneumonia
The best way to remove dust from your nose and lungs is to use a Powerbreath shaker. This non-narcotic substance “arouses” the mucus in the breasts, causing them to move more. The vacuum digests secretions and facilitates exposure.

How to get rid of phlegm
The vibrator has a heavy ball. When he breathes through the device, the balloon rises and then falls under its own weight. It happens quickly and like movement. It also expels and reduces phlegm from vibrations and rushes. Then you can cough it up.

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