Imagining death is easy because the death scene is usually filled with images of dead animals, people, birds, and flies. So what do all single people have in common in comparison? That’s what it smells like.

A simpler analysis showed that human attachment involves things that others can indirectly recognize. For example, stink bugs are cultivated using a chemical called putrescine. It is a chemical that occurs when the body begins to decompose and presents a few problems to be aware of: The odor is part of the necrotic process of animal evolution, which is thought to began to deteriorate 420 million years ago. …… date of.

Animals are thought to rely on the smell of patraecin as a deterrent in several ways: to ward off predators and disperse them, a survival option that keeps other species alive. See. Wow Wow

Scientists conducted 4 similar experiments on humans with a mixture of puricin, water and ammonia and confirmed that human reactions and behavior are not the same as animals.


In the first study, watches were tested against mixtures of puricin, an aromatic substance. The results showed that mixtures exposed to the odor of decomposition were more disturbing than mixtures exposed to ammonia or water.

Escape Habits

In one study, researchers tested a random power group and asked them to rate the loudness, beauty, and recognition of a sound. Spectators were delighted with how the group climbed the mountain and how far the animals traveled (80 meters). Individuals exposed to purasin migrate faster than they can escape

In one experiment, after the group reached patracin, the researchers tested mixtures of word roots.

The results showed that the smell of putrescine appeared in a group of word stems that were all escape-motivated, and the remaining words were escape-motivated. The aroma is described by string words.

Protect from hatred

In one experiment, the mixtures had an unusual smell. In response, they present the text they are reading and identify the author.

They couldn’t see the faint smell of purisin, and their eyes showed resistance and hatred. Additionally, its aromatic properties have been shown to promote animal protection.

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